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Bill Sittig, CPA/PFS

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Campaign Finance Reporting

Candidates, Political Committees & Electioneering Communication Organizations  


Now is the time to evaluate your regulatory financial reporting process to determine if you are getting everything you need from your current provider. 

Hello my name is Bill Sittig, CPA and I have been preparing, reviewing and e-filing state and local campaign finance reports in Florida for the last 10 years.  During that time I have become well versed in the campaign reporting requirements issued by Florida Statute and put into rule by the Florida Department of State, Division of Elections. 

I provide all of the essential services associated with the accounting and reporting of funds received and disbursed using Intuit’s QuickBooks software and processed through to the Division’s official reporting portal.  I offer two primary options:

Full Service:  As an appointed Deputy Treasurer of your organization I would be responsible for receiving all contributions directly at my address, under your organization’s name; verifying complete and accurate information is included; recording the contributions and making a timely physical deposit at a national bank, with branches that are convenient to all parties.  I provide you the client with a detailed deposit slip, daily if requested, during campaign peak time for reporting

For expenditures/other items, I would receive an authorizing e-mail with instructions from your office and a listing of payments to be made along with the required information needed for accurate reporting; verify completeness of information; record the expenditures/other items and issue payments directly from your bank account.  I offer the option to cut your checks directly from my office in Tallahassee which can then be sent to you or your end recipient (with your customized cover letter and return address) as instructed.  Overnight mail services are available at cost.

Our full service option includes all of these bookkeeping duties plus the required financial reporting to the Division of Elections.  I provide you with an Excel template to capture the information I need for financial reporting and it is sent to my office for input, review, approval and transmitting to the Division of Elections as required.  You are provided with detailed financial reports to include bank reconciliations, bank statements, and a contribution/expenditure report for each period.

Self Service:  As an appointed Deputy Treasurer for your organization I would be responsible for filing only the statutory reports with the Division of Elections.  Your office does all the bookkeeping to include capturing the required information for contributions/expenditures/other items; and transmits it to my office using the referenced Excel template.  I prepare, review and file the required reports on time.  This option requires the commitment to send my office the necessary information in time for a detailed review and submission by the filing deadline.

With either option, almost all work and correspondence is handled electronically through e-mail so there are no messy paper files to keep up with.  I keep electronic copies of all records, including verification of each report filing.  I reconcile all bank accounts monthly and send you copies.  I prepare a financial statement each quarter and more often if requested.  That way you know where your contributions came from and where your resources are expended at any and all times. 

I have a dependable support staff to handle the data entry and initial input into QuickBooks.  I then personally review all work to ensure it is accurate and fully documented, in compliance with state law and rule, and reconcile it to the Division’s reporting software file.  After a successful review by me a draft of the report is e-mailed to you for final approval.  Once final approval is obtained the report is electronically transmitted to the state on-time and leaves you without the stress associated with meeting these deadlines. 

I am a process expert and all my work involves meeting deadlines of some sort, whether it’s the IRS or the Division of Elections.  My billing rate is a true value and if you check around is substantially less that some other providers.  Many reports take much less than an hour.  The key is organizing the work flow for maximum productivity.

Finally, being physically located in Tallahassee I am in the perfect position to handle your campaign finance reporting should the need arise to “pay a visit” to the state offices to discuss and/or resolve any sensitive issues.  Additionally, many political committees and election communication organizations contribute to statewide candidates and they are in Tallahassee on a regular basis making it convenient for me to personally deliver your contribution.  During peak election season, this can be very helpful as timing can be critical.  Please contact me right away at 850-386-2639 so we can begin the process of analyzing your account to provide an accurate quote.

PS:  By Florida law, campaigns, committees, and electioneering communications organizations are required to disclose detailed financial records of campaign contributions and expenditures. Chapter 106, Florida Statutes, regulates campaign financing for all candidates, including judicial candidates, political committees, electioneering communication organizations, affiliated party committees, and political parties.  The laws governing campaign finance reporting and campaign financing limitations are complex.  Candidates and committees must report all contributions, loans, expenditures, distributions, and transfers, regardless of the amount.